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Staci Matthews

Staci Matthews is the creator, producer and host of Curious. Her radio broadcasting career spans 30 years, the past fourteen of those years spent as co-host of a Marconi Award winning afternoon show in the Twin Cities market. She co-authored the book Girls In White Dresses and was a regular contributor for Ch!cks magazine. Staci lives in the Minneapolis/St.Paul community with her husband Tony, their dog and two cats. She is also curious.



You're in your car at the stoplight. You glance over and notice someone holding a sign asking for help. What do you do? Start picking your teeth in the rearview mirror? Fake a phone call? Stare straight ahead and pretend you don't see anyone there?  If you are like me, you want to roll down your car window to ask how they got in the position they are in right now. You want to know their story.

You’re out for a walk in your neighborhood. Emergency vehicles race past you and stop just up the street. Something terrible has obviously happened.  As you walk further, police and EMTs go about their business of filing reports and taking care of victims. Once the crime scene tape comes down, what happens next? Someone has to go in and remove all traces of the trauma. Who's job is it and how did they come to do that for a living?

This is what the C U R I O U S  podcast is all about; Asking the questions you’re too shy, proud or polite to ask.  And I share the stories with you.


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